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LBD Squad by Toongrrl
LBD Squad
From left to right: Dreamy and Wild Annie Bernstein-Wolowitz (related to my Leah, no relation to Howard), Observant and Proudly Voracious Lily Corday, Snarky and Thoughtful Everygirl Penny Platt, Shy and Sharp Kimi Wannabe-Finster (big reference to Kimi Finster), and Careful and Ingenue-like Carrie Quamya.
The outfits are inspired by 60s girl groups, 80s background models from the music videos "Addicted to Love" and "Wild Thing" (Tone Loc), some 80s color blocking, 80s rock models, Audrey Hepburn's haircut in "Roman Holiday", Lil DeVille's bow, and Renee Zellweger's 2nd black dress in "Bridget Jones's Diary"… .
They live in Whippadale, Massachusetts : )
De Norte Cal County Map by Toongrrl
De Norte Cal County Map
Welcome to De Norte Cal County, the home of the Spikat-Fulley family, the Forbes-Stromsberg family, Leah Bernstein and her family, Team Erica, Team Tyra, the Johanna's Valley High School Hair Club, Erica and Tyra La Dou'che, Brad and La Vicki La Dou'che and their kids, Diana Marilyn Ann-Margaret Grable, Principal Deena Bitterman, Natalie Jones, Babs Ween-Picklelochi and her family, Ana Cardenas, Bobbie Riley and her mad scientist parents Wayne and Jean, Camille Richards, Dixie, Ricki, Nicki, Marilyn Byrne and her mother Maureen, the former Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Vera Forbes and their second spouses Evelyn O'Malley-Forbes and Gerald Crosby, Aunt Jenni Forbes, Frances Fries and her Mother and sister Hannah, Demi Cross, Trey Hudson, Tammi Newman, La Wanda Sinclair-Chang, Celia Verde, the Lake of Sugar Ice Cream Truck company, the notorious (and gross) Heldon clan, etc.

Lake of Sugar: Where some settlers accidentally dumped 5 gallons of sugar during an ill-advised transport in 1890

San Franciso is That Way! Obv. a sign

Canoodle Neckin' Peak: The Make-Out Point of the county. 

Lover's Stump: A dead large tree stump that is the source of many pleasures on Prom Night, Wedding Night, Date Night, and linked to several accidental pregnancies and STDs.

Corazon Pond: Slightly heart shaped and where many couples and orgies go out for camping, boating, and the cabins.

Dead Man's Curve: The curviest (and most dangerous) major road in the county.

Puppy Woods: Many a puppy farm was located there

Sisterly War Room Cave: Where the infamous Bickering of 1852 occurred between two town founders and sisters, Amber Baum Wieder and Johanna Baum Gustafson.

Fea Mas Fea Field: Named by Amber and Johannas' brother Fredchen because he thought the term referred to beautiful flowers.

The Towns:

Fea Mas Bella (est. 1823): Founded by Juan Carlos de Leon, who lost a bet and had to name the town that way.
Amber Oaks (est. 1848): One of two intrepid German Immigrant sisters, Amber Baum (later Wieder), named this town after herself and her favorite tree.
Johanna's Valley (est. 1848): Another intrepid sister, the Widow Johanna Baum Gustafson, founded this town in order to emulate (and maybe show up) Amber.
Tom's Hernia (est. 1865): Amber and Johanna's Bickering escalated into a Hatfield and McCoy type of conflict, so Johanna bought an ample lot of land for her smart aleck youngest child Tom (who also possessed a hernia), so Amber "doesn't get her disgusting hands on it". Some campgrounds were set along his side of Corazon Pond.
Pleasantville Stench (est. 1870): Amber's friend Frederick Baer (who was apt for taking sides), claimed this land and named it because this would be abhorrent to Johanna.
Laurie Calluses (est. 1874): A band of pioneers (very unaware yet well-armed ones) settled this land and slowly put an end to the infamous family feud.
Jebediah Cramp (est. 1883): Wealthy landowner (and good friend of the elderly Johanna) Jebediah Smith, had a cramp there and took over this land and made it look like a Southern town.
Parker (est. 1899): The exiles from the prominent Branson Parker family, started building there and entered the 20th century with 100 citizens.
Spaska (est. 1910): Some Minnesotan settlers were heading up north to Alaska, when they mistakenly settled there.
Flatulence Lane (est. 1920): Founded by the gassy grandson of Amber, Leonard Wieder, who also possessed toilet humor.
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